Format Change to Diagnostics: Scores to Percentages

April 11, 2022

Values for the brand diagnostic scores (i.e. Cool, Innovative, Reliable, Eco-Friendly, etc.) are now presented as percentages.

We learned from our users that when the diagnostic scores were presented as integers, they were tougher to share and translate within the business if they didn't first convert the values to percentages. Because those integer scores ranged from 0-100, we decided to go ahead and change them to percentage values within in the dashboards. YScore+ is still an equally weighted average of the 20 individual diagnostics scores, so the range of potential values for YScore+ is also 0%-100%. 

A Cool score of 50 is now a Cool score of 50%, which can also be interpreted as 50% of young consumers aware of the brand, think the brand is Cool.

It is important to note that the 20 diagnostic questions (and the industry-specific diagnostic questions) are only asked of respondents that indicated they are at least aware of the brand. 

Old Version: 


New Version:



  • 64% of young consumers aware of Nike, think the brand is Cool. 
  • 6% more of Gen Z (67%) than Millennials (63%) aware of Nike think the brand is Cool. 
  • Of those aware of the brand, 31% more of Gen Z think Nike (67%) is Cool than think Adidas (51%) is Cool. 
  • Nike's Cool score is 4 percentage points higher with Gen Z(67%) than with Millennials (63%) aware of the brand. 

Reminder: The base of respondents are those aware of the brand. 


Did anything with the calculations change? 

No! The diagnostic scores were historically presented as integers, ranging from 0-100, and those integers can be directly formatted as percentages. 

Can I still present the scores as integers?

Yes, a Cool score of 50% can be converted back to a Cool score of 50. 

How are all of the brand measures calculated?

Check out the article Understanding Brand Data Measure Calculations.

If you have any questions about this, please reach out to Support.


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