Updated Brand Data Archiving Policy

April 11, 2022

Data visualizations are now delimited to 2.5 years of data, and historical data is accessible via the new Quick Export Tool

Because the YPulse Brand Tracker has grown to continuously track 500+ brands in North America and 1,000+ brands in Western Europe, with data dating back to 2018, allowing all of this data to be accessible and customizable to all users was having severely negative impacts on dashboard speed.

In addition to being smarter about how we structure our data sets and dashboards, we have reduced our data store in the visualization capabilities to include 2.5 years of data to remedy the slow performance. This data reduction policy preserves the ability for all users to access and customize all brand scores, while making loading and calculating data much faster. Data will be archived on a quarterly basis to maintain 10 full quarters of data at all times.

The newly developed Quick Export Tool will accommodate any historical data needs for the full data set beginning in 2018 on a self-serve basis.



How will the archiving policy be implemented?

At the beginning of each quarter we will update the data set to include only the past 10 quarters. Data will not be delimited on a weekly basis. 

How can users still access brand tracker data prior to 2.5 years?

That's what the new Quick Export tool is for! All brand tracker data, beginning January of 2018, is available for self-service export. Visit the Quick Export Tool to get started. 

Can users access Inactive brands with the Quick Export Tool? 

Yes. Data for Inactive brands, those brands that we are no longer tracking in the brand survey, is now available in the Quick Export Tool. No data for Inactive brands will be available in the visualization dashboards. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to support@ypulse.com.

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