YPulse is Data Quality Certified with Imperium

In order to ensure that YPulse adheres to stringent data quality guidelines and to demonstrate our commitment to investing in high-quality data, we have subscribed to Imperium's Quality Score platform and are Imperium Data Quality Certified with the industry's #1 provider for data-quality and anti-fraud service.




Imperium is the leading provider of data quality and anti-fraud solutions to the marketing research industry and beyond. You can read more about who they are and what they do via their website:


More about the Imperium's Data Quality Certification: 

The certification process is rigorous. Imperium checks the setup of tools and monitors how respondents are being excluded or quarantined. Analysts will also review frequency of usage to ensure Imperium quality tools are being deployed widely across respondents and survey traffic.

Annual review of the certification scheme ensures continued compliance and enables customers to choose a market research partner with confidence.

Read more about the certification program here: https://www.imperium.com/certification-program/

More about Imperium's Quality Score platform: 

Imperium's Quality Score helps us determine if survey respondents are spammers, dupes, frauds , speeders and /or flat liners. Imperium does this by analyzing 6 different dimensions across any data collection survey. 
Key benefits include:
  1. Fully automated multi-point check for accuracy
  2. Provides accurate score to determine if respondent should be included in final data set
  3. Machine Learning model utilizes 20+ data points to determine final score
  4. Combination of passive data and respondent survey responses
  5. Behavioral Examples: Speeding, Straightlining, Poor OEs
  6. Passive Examples: Mouse movement, Survey Velocity, Hot Key usage
  7. Model specializes in catching ghost/jumper completes
Read more about Imperium's Quality Score here: https://www.imperium.com/qualityscore/
For any additional questions about our Data Quality Certification with Imperium, please reach out to support@ypulse.com


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