New Insights on LGBTQ+ Young Consumers

Now filter all upcoming survey data by LGBTQ+ young consumers

YPulse Pro users are always asking how to explore our data and insights through the lens of specific demographic groups of young consumers, and particularly LGBTQ+ young consumers. We added the BIPOC data filter back in March of 2021, and now we've added a new question to all Brand, Behavioral, and Trends surveys: Do you identify as LGBTQ+?

This means:

  • Each Data File released in 2022 (except for the In-Between Trend Report) will include the LGBTQ+ banner point for all 13-39-year-olds.

  • The Behavioral and Trend Data Dashboards now contain filters and crosstabs to view responses for the LGBTQ+ audience.

  • The Brand Data Dashboard now contains the filters and crosstabs to understand how brands are performing with LGBTQ+ youth.

Keep reading for more info on how to access the new LGBTQ+ data...

What you need to know:

  • When was the LGBTQ+ question first added?

    The question was added to the demographic section for all surveys starting in December of 2021.

  • What are the first survey topics with LGBTQ+ insights available?

    All Behavioral Report data for 2022 will include LGBTQ+ insights. The first surveys available so far are Mental Health, Life Plans & Milestones, and Post-Holiday Shopping Review. The first Trend Report data for 2022 with LGBTQ+ insights will be The New Culture Creators.

  • Where / how can I find data on LGBTQ+-only young consumers?

    1. Download the individual Data File that accompanies each report (learn more)

    2. Explore the Behavioral and Trend Data Dashboards that host the data behind all reports (learn more)

    3. Explore the Brand Data (Brand Tracker) Dashboard to view how brands are performing with youth (learn more)

  • If I'm a YPulse Prime user and not a YPulse Pro user, how can I access LGBTQ+ insights?

    LGBTQ+ insights are currently only available in the Data Files and Data Dashboards behind the reports, and those are only accessible with a YPulse Pro business account.


1) Data Files - Behavioral & Trend Reports

Inclusion of the LGBTQ+ banner points in the 'Data Files' available on every report page


2) Data Dashboards - Behavioral & Trend

Filters and crosstabs in the interactive Behavioral and Trend Data Dashboards

3) Data Dashboards - Brand Tracker

All Brand Dashboard Views > Demographic Filters

Score Comparison View > Brand Comparison > Choose Crosstab


Take me to the Data Dashboards


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