What are young consumers saying about their favorite brands?

What are young consumers saying about their favorite brands?

Every respondent taking the brand tracker survey is asked the following two open-end questions: 

Q190. Thinking about [INSERT INDUSTRY], what is your favorite brand in this category?
Please name a brand, company, or organization.
Q195. Why is that your favorite brand?
Note: Please explain in a short sentence or two.

The Consumer Verbatims dashboard analyzes the open end results from these two survey questions. This qualitative data allows you to explore what young consumers are actually saying about brands, the brands that young consumers are most likely to name as favorites, as well as the attributes that make those bands favorites. 


The tool shows: 

  • The most frequently named favorite brands among young consumers
  • The top attributes listed for each of the young consumers' favorite brands (open-end responses are coded into attributes)
  • Which brands are appealing in similar ways (which brands have similar top attributes)
  • The attributes most likely to drive affinity (the most frequently listed attributes for favorite brands)

The most frequently mentioned favorite brands and top 5 attributes mentioned: 


Example: Filtered to Alcoholic Beverage brands

Note: Respondents can write in any brand they choose (no matter the original industry they are supposed to rate). These are all listed in the brand filter and may have misspellings. Verbatims are presented as given (responses have not been cleaned). 


Pro Tips: Use the "Search for Keyword" filter to look for specific brands or attributes, and consider including various ways that young consumers might spell something in direct verbatims. Hover over Top Keywords in the word cloud to see frequency of this word's mentions over time. Click on any chart (tracked brand, attribute, or keyword) to filter the verbatims. 



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