Accessing the open-end question responses: Data Files vs. Data Dashboards

Are you looking to review and export the open-end questions responses from the Behavioral and Trend surveys? Each survey includes at least one open-end format question, and YPulse Pro users have exclusive access to all responses in the Data Dashboards and Data Files. See below for example questions asked:

Behavioral Report: TV & Entertainment Report:

  • R090. What is your favorite TV show right now?
  • R095. Why is that your favorite TV show?

Trend Report: Self-Taught

  • R090. What new skill or topic do you plan to learn more about this year?
  • R095. How do you plan to learn more about this skill or topic?

Behavioral Report: Holiday Shopping Plans

  • R090. What is one thing you'll definitely be buying to celebrate the holidays this year?
  • R095. Why will you be definitely buying that thing?

Keep reading for information on the two ways to easily access the open-end questions, and filter responses to only your target audience.

Data Files

View cleaned question responses from a single topic survey in the Data File provided with each report.

  1. Navigate to the report landing page for the report topic of interest (using site search or content filters).

  2. Click the "Data File" link to access the excel file with all survey questions and results behind the report.

  3. Find the open-end question, then click "Open Response Answers." This will lead to one tab with a pivot table for the cleaned answers and demographic filters options.

  4. If looking to review all answers, uncleaned, there is a 2nd tab with all answers and the demographic status for each individual (i.e. R090 and R090_Pivot).

Download an example TV and Entertainment report Data File here.


Data Dashboards

Quickly search across all open-end questions, uncleaned, from all report surveys using the Behavioral and Trend Data Dashboards.

  1. Click into either the Behavioral or Trend Data dashboard behind the Data tab (pro tip: click the ''Analyze Data' button if you're on a report landing page)

  2. Select 'Open End' from the 'See questions by type' filter

  3. Apply any additional question, topic, or date parameters or search keywords

  4. Scroll through the question results and click into the question of interest to view the uncleaned open response answers

  5. Layer on optional crosstabs or apply overall demographic settings

  6. To export the filtered data, click Download > Data > Download all rows as a text file (read more on how to export data in this article)


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