Video #4: Brand Snapshot View

Training overview of the Brand Snapshot View, which is where to find all YPulse metrics tracked for a single brand

How is my brand performing with young consumers?

This module overviews the Brand Snapshot View, which is your one-stop-shop for understanding a single brands’ performance with young consumers within the YPulse Pro Data Platform. It shows all data for all of the metrics YPulse is tracking in order to answer the key questions of:

  • Who is aware of, has used or bought from, and is loyal to your brand via the YPulse Mindshare and demographic questions

  • How likely are consumers to use or buy from your brand with the Purchase Intent scale

  • On which media platforms is your brand’s consumer base being influenced with the Media Module questions**

  • Overall brand perception and success with young consumers measured by the 20 YScore+ diagnostic questions

**Important Notice: This video includes an overview of the questions and charts in the Media Module, which was moved from the Brand Snapshot view to a standalone dashboard view on 1/22/20.

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