Video #7: Brand Alignment View

Training overview of the Brand Alignment View, which measures alignment across brands to identify and evaluate partnership opportunities

What brands are aligned for partnership?


This module overviews the Brand Alignment View, the special workbook that focuses on measuring brand-to-brand alignment using correlation analyses, with the key use case of identifying and evaluating existing and potential partnership opportunities. The first section measures and visualizes brand alignment correlations by both the brands' diagnostic perceptions (YScore+) and the demographics of their consumer bases. The last section lets you explore consumer’s open end responses when asked about their favorite brands.

Because the YPulse Brand Data Platform is a syndicated brand tracker, with modules for 10 different consumer brand industries, there is immense value in comparing your brand’s perception scores, your brand's unique brand DNA makeup, to the other 470 brands in the platform.

This View has two key sections:

1) Brand DNA

What brands have the most similar and dissimilar scores across all measures?

What brands are reaching the most similar and dissimilar consumer demographics?

2) Consumer Verbatims (Open End Responses) on Favorite Brands

What brands are young consumers saying are their favorites, and why?

What attributes do the top favorite brands have in common?

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