Video #5: Score Comparison View

Training overview of the Score Comparison View, which is where to compare all scores across all brands, industries, and demographic groups

How is my brand performing compared to others?


This module overviews the Score Comparison View, which is where you can better understand a brand's performance by comparing and benchmarking scores to those of industries, categories, and customizable competitive sets, and then by drilling into differences across key demographic groups. This view will be one of your most frequently used, and we recommend setting up and saving several Custom Views with your brands and demographic filters.

The View has three key sections:

1) Industry Scores

Benchmark your brands' scores to the Industry and Category averages, as well as to how scores are trending over time

2) Brand Rankings

Rank all brands by performance on any measure, and filter by Industry or Category

3) Brand Comparisons

Compare brand scores side by side, with options for total and trended views

Compare brand scores across demographic subgroups of youth such as by generation, age, gender, race, ethnicity, student status, parent status and more

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