Top 5 Demographic Profiles in the Performance Drivers View

In addition to understanding the factors most important in driving your brand's success, a second component of the Performance Drivers view helps you explore who you're most likely to be successful with.

The tool surfaces profiles (a combination of two or more demographic traits) that would be likely consumers of your brand, based on respondents' answers to the Purchase Intent and Mindshare questions. These profiles may or may not be your core demographic and can vary in size.

You're free to explore how you're performing across all demographic categories in the Brand Snapshot view, but this is a great way to identify consumer groups you may not have known you were doing well with or further validate the ones you did know. Think of these top profiles less as a prescriptive plan and more as an exploration of demographics to start looking at.

There are two ways to look at the results based on the measure you choose: Mindshare or Purchase Intent. 


Top 5 Demographic Profiles x Mindshare

This chart shows you which profiles the brand is succeeding with based on those respondents who have already used or bought from the brand.


Top 5 Demographic Profiles x Purchase Intent

This chart shows you which profiles have the most potential to use or buy from the brand in the future.

Note: Neither the overall demographic nor date filters after these charts. All available demographic data for the chosen brand from all time is used in order to better display results.

Check out the Performance Drivers View tutorial video for a complete overview.



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