Best Ways to Leverage the Survey Data Dashboards

Have you been using your full access to YPulse survey data? With the launch of the updated Behavioral & Trend Data Dashboards, we're sharing some of our best ways to use and integrate them into your regular YPulse workflow. Whether you're in customization or exploration mode, here are some tips:

  • Want to dig deeper on a topic of an article or report you’ve read? Explore the entire survey data set behind the research, with loads of additional valuable insights!

  • Looking for stats on a specific group of young consumers? Use the filters to customize the data point to exactly reflect the demographics of your target audience.

  • Want to see how a data point has changed over time? View and export year-over-year and quarterly data in a single chart (with the exact demographic filters you need, too).

  • Need a stat on the fly? Go straight to the Data Dashboards to pull up all questions and responses on the topic to support the story you're trying to craft.

  • Curious about differences between groups of young consumers? Learn as much as you can about a particular audience by how they answer a specific survey question, using the new crosstab feature. For example, you can view young consumers' shopping preferences by the retailers they report typically buying from.

  • Looking for regular insights focused on a particular group, such as Millennial Parents or Students? Use the filter to see ask questions asked only to these individuals.

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