Using Brand Rankings to understand top performing brands

Better understand Gen Z and Millennial consumers by incorporating more brand performance insights into your research. Identify which brands are performing the best and worst, with young consumers and why, and keep track of which brands are rising and falling with young consumer preferences as time goes on.

Behavioral Shifts and Trends

The Brand Rankings dashboard helps you analyze the impact of behavioral shifts and trends on young consumers' feeling about the brands and industries they buy from, such as the changes to product purchasing and use during COVID-19 (read this Article example from These are 10 of Gen Z and Millennials’ Top Brands Leaving 2020). Brands, and the specific industries and categories for those brands, that pop to the top can be indicative of broader trends in consumer sentiment.

Brand Partnership and Ad Sales Strategies

Using Brand Rankings is also key to successful brand partnership and ad sales strategies. Evaluate which brands are winning with certain groups of young consumers, and in which diagnostic categories, to both identify the most impactful brand partners for your business goals and to pitch your brand and as an ideal candidate with real performance data.

Measuring Your Brand's Success

Lastly, Brand Rankings is a critical feature for measuring the success of your own brand. Performance KPIs don't have to only be score focused, and rather should also include how your brand holds up compared to others. The Score Comparison dashboard lets you closely monitor your brand's performance next to your competitive set and across demographic groups, but Brand Rankings quickly puts your brand's scores into the context of the full category, industry, or all brands with a particular group of young consumers. Check out our "What's Working" Webinar with Kraft-Heinz to learn how another YPulse Pro client used Brand Rankings to understand their brand health during COVID.

Jump below for step-by-step instructions on how to rank brands by their performance across each the 22 diagnostics metrics YPulse is tracking.


How does YPulse define the "top performing" brands?

YScore+ is our overall brand affinity score, which is the average of each of the 20 youth-centric diagnostic measures tracked. But, you can rank brands by any measure we have available! Here some other options to look at:

  • Brands with the biggest user and loyalty bases

  • Brands young consumers are most likely to use or buy from in the future

  • Brands young consumers recommend the most or think most popular

  • Brands the most young consumers pay attention to, have heard positive about, and like to hear from the most

  • Brands young consumers think have the most social good impact via measures like reflects diversity, supports causes, eco-friendly, and makes the world better

Below are more Article examples from that leverage Brand Rankings:

Brand Rankings tool chart breakdown:

View brand performance by all diagnostic metrics available (click here for the full list of measures) using the Choose Measure drop down menu:


View brand performance with a specific demographic audience, like Gen Z Females or Parents by setting your demographic filters:


View brand rankings by Overall, Industry, and Category with the table filters:


View brands only within particular Industries or Categories by using the drop-down menus:


Pull as many or as a few brands as you'd like by adjusting the number in the Top # field:


Automatically compare individual brands' performances to the Industry and Category averages by hovering over the bars:


How to create and export a "Top Brands" list with the Brand Rankings tool:

  1. Select a performance metric using Choose Measure at the top right of the View

  2. Set the Date Range to the intended time period for measurement

  3. Apply Demographic Filters to create your target audience (with the big filter icon)

  4. Scroll down to the Brand Rankings section and narrow the brand results to a particular Industry or Category (optional)

  5. Modify the Top # of brand results (optional)

  6. To download the results for only the Brand Rankings tool, click into the white space in the section and then hit Download > Data at the top right corner of the View

Note: If you have brands selected in 'Choose Competitive Set' in the Brand Comparisons section above, those brands will appear at the top of your Brand Rankings list but with their appropriate ranking numbers.

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