Compare YOY Behavioral Report Results

The YPulse weekly Behavioral Reports aim to reveal the behaviors and views shaping young peoples’ daily lives, from shopping to tech use to lifestyle and beyond. The report surveys follow an annual topic calendar, and the majority of topics are repeated year-over-year. You can explore all of the Behavioral Reports published between 2016 and 2021 on here.

While the reports explain many key of the key changes in behaviors and attitudes from the years previous, the Behavioral Data dashboard allows you to analyze how the results from all questions (ones that have been repeated) have shifted over time. You're able to view and export year-over-year and quarterly data in a single chart, with the exact demographic filters you need, too.

See the below example for Question T300: Which of the following tech devices do you own? The question results for each year are separated by columns.

Important facts to keep in mind before getting started:

  • The furthest any Behavioral Report survey results go back is 2016.

  • Only questions with the exact same phrasing are automatically trended in the same chart. If interested in a single question that doesn't appear to have year-over-year results, be sure to browse the question lists from the previous years' surveys to see if a similar question was asked (this is especially relevant for many of the COVID-19 Special Reports).

  • The topics of Media Consumption Monitor, Social Media Monitor, and Finance & Spending are fielded once per quarter, so many of those topic questions have quarterly results (other topics are fielded annually).

  • Survey results from the Trend Reports live in the separate Trend Data dashboard.

  • After June 1st, 2021, all surveys also include a nationally representative sample of young people in Canada. YOY comparisons can still be made with U.S.-only data.

We'll use the Summer Plans Report as an example to compare how young consumers' 2021 travel plans have changed since 2020 and the years before.

1) Select the 'Prom and Summer Plans' report topic

2) Keep the full time period available in order to view the results for every time the question was asked

*Note the 'Question List' will now show only all of the questions asked in the Summer Plans topic surveys from 2017 - 2021.

4) Select Question P120: "Select the options that best describe the travel that you're planning for this summer:"


*You'll see that the question gives results for years 2021 and 2020, which means the question was only asked in that exact way in the past two Summer Plans surveys.

Do you want to download a PDF of the data tables?

  1. Click 'Download' at the top right corner of the screen and select 'PDF' from the options
  2. Click Include > Specific sheets from this dashboard
  3. Select the download type that corresponds to the type of question selected (MR = Multiple Response, SR = Single Response, Matrix, Mean, and Open End)
  4. Click 'Download'


Do you want to download the year-over-year survey data for a single question and/or all questions for a report topic?

You can access step-by-step instructions for exporting the survey data with this article here.

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See more resources on using the Behavioral and Trends Survey Data Dashboards here:

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