2022 Report Calendar

An annual view of all scheduled report topics for YPulse North America & Western Europe Business Subscriptions

Start planning how and when YPulse research will support your youth marketing and insights efforts across the year with the 2022 YPulse Report Calendar. For 2022 we've added three new Behavioral Report topics: Mental Health, Experiences, and Brand Loyalty. Understanding these areas has become increasingly important in reaching Gen Z & Millennials, and we've listened to client inquiries and feedback to add them to the calendar to help answer your questions about the next generations.

Curious which YPulse reports are coming up and when? The 2022 Report Calendar outlines all of the Behavioral Report topics published across the year, and any planned Trend and Special Report topics as they are decided. 

Keep reading more info on the 3 types of report topics you'll find and FAQS...

2022 Report Calendar: 

There are 3 types of report topics you'll find:

Weekly Behavioral Reports

These reports are geared to show you everything you need to know about a single topic shaping young peoples' daily lives. From shopping to tech use to lifestyle and beyond, we'll reveal young consumers' behaviors and views around them. The topics follow the annual calendar, with the majority repeating year-over-year.

  Monthly Trend Reports

These reports aim to dig into the biggest cultural shifts fueled by and ​​​​​​impacting young consumers, and the changes brands need to be prepared ​​​​​​for. The trends we cover are long-lasting, so those in the report archive will still be relevant to you. The trends covered are decided as the year goes on. 

 Special Reports

Special Reports are expert explorations on brand affinity or current events. In 2022, the planned Special Reports include Millennial Brand Affinity, Gen Z Brand Affinity, BIPOC Brand Affinity, and Biggest Brand Wins & Losses of 2022.


  • How can I see what kinds of questions will be asked about each Behavioral Report topic? 

Each topic in the calendar is linked to the latest version of the report on that topic, and will be updated as new reports are published. For any topics that have been fielded in past years, you can download the Question Index, too. 

  • When is the Report Calendar updated? 

​​​​​​We regularly update the calendar with the links for new reports upon their release. Always use the newest version at https://www.ypulse.com/report-calendar/.

  • Why are only some of the 2022 Trend Report titles listed?

Trend Report topics are decided as the year goes on as our content and research teams identity the most relevant shifts to investigate.

  • Are the North America and Western Europe calendars the same? 

Primarily, yes. Thanksgiving and 4th of July are NA-only topics, whereas Feelings About American Brands (and one more topic TBD) will be WE-only reports. 

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