Media Consumption Histogram

*This feature was released March 26, 2021*

The Media Consumption View presents consumers' responses to the two sets of questions "What media sources (and specific brands) have you used in the past week?" and "Where (and on which specific brands) have you seen or heard ads in the past week that made you want to purchase something?"


You can view the full list of response options and full questionnaire here.

Because we're gathering responses on which media sources consumers are using each week, we're able to also understand how many different media sources consumers are typically using on a weekly basis. The histogram at the bottom of the Media Consumption View presents this data to answer the following questions:

  • How many media sources do young consumer use in a week?

  • Of the media sources used in a week, what are the top media sources used?

Number of Media Sources Used in a Week

The chart shows the number of media sources used in a week, based on the total number of source selections from each respondent.

Y Axis: Percentage of Total Respondents

X Axis: Number of Media Sources Used in a Week

Hover of any of the data points to find more information. This shows that 10% of respondents chose 6 media sources.


Interpretation: Of the 10% of respondents that use 6 media sources per week between 5/27/2019 and 3/21/2021, the top 5 media sources used are YouTube/YouTube TV/YouTube Music, Netflix, any streaming video source, Facebook, and any social media source. 71% use of these respondents use Netflix.

You're also able to filter the media consumption results by the specific user bases of any brand in the platform (read more about that here). The above chart is filtered to Xbox loyalists and here is the Brand Filtered Interpretation: Of respondents who are loyal to the Xbox brand and use 6 media sources per week between 5/27/2019 and 3/21/2021, 69% use YouTube. This is 3 points lower than all respondents who use YouTube.

See more Media Consumption View support resources here:


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