Low Base Size Indicators

*"Low base size indicators" were released March, 26 2021*

For any data points where the respondent base size is less than n=100 respondents, we now include a "Low base size" indicator when you hover over a data point.


The brand tracker aims for a representative sample size of 100 respondents per week (but not guaranteed) for Benchmark brands, so the low base indicator is just guidance for a robust/healthy sample consistent with our Benchmark guidelines. Scores with a lower than 100 base are not invalid since brands with lower awareness may not meet the 100 respondent weekly threshold. But when there is a lower base, you can choose to increase the time period for more meaningful comparisons.

When applying multiple demographic filters, be wary of the size of the audience created and time period you're looking at. You might need to change the time period to a monthly or quarterly view if your audience is too small.

What you need to know about the low base size indicators:

  1. The sample size indicator appears when the base is less than n=100

  2. The indicator is for those users who would like to compare scores with a more robust base

  3. Low sample size is not related to statistical testing for significance

There are not sample indicators in the Behavioral and Trends Data dashboards.

Check out the Brand Data FAQs for more information about the brand tracker methodology.

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