Getting Started with Performance Drivers

These best practices will help you get the most out of the Performance Drivers workbook.



We know that a big challenge with brand tracking, and particularly tracking with young consumers, is in determining which areas of your brand’s perception are responsible for driving the business results you want, and which are cause for concern. Trying to move the needle across all 20 Yscore+ diagnostics is a massive undertaking and quite frankly, we don’t recommend it!

YPulse’s newest workbook was created to identify the unique set of key strengths and weaknesses for your brand, highlighting those most important in driving your brand’s Purchase Intent or Loyalty with young consumers. This view provides a data-driven approach to goal set with confidence, and lets you focus on the diagnostics that will show the most return on investment for your efforts.

We’re so excited about the new Performance Drivers view because it allows you to spend less time deciphering which diagnostic scores are most important to your brand and more time planning how to improve them. We’re sharing some best practices so that your team can start discussing your key performance drivers right away:

1. Customize the drivers to your target demographic

You can filter every view using the 9 different categories of demographic questions we ask all respondents using the filter at the top right corner, so make sure you’re looking at the drivers for the audience(s) you most care about.

2. Look at your sets of drivers for both Purchase Intent and Mindshare

Use the "Choose Measures" drop down toggle to look at your brand's drivers for both Purchase Intent (what's driving young consumers to buy/use your brand) and Mindshare (what's driving loyalty to your brand). There will likely be repeat diagnostics in the two views, but there is loads of value in distinguishing what is driving young consumers your way from what brand attributes are keeping them coming back.

3. Evaluate your competitors

Use the "Choose Brand" drop down to look at your competitor's performance drivers. If your business goals are to steal market share from a competitor, you must investigate their strengths and weaknesses, too. Whenever one of your Opportunities to Improve is one of their Key Strengths, that is strong evidence to double down on that measure.

See more support resources for getting started with the Performance Drivers View here:

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