Which brand measures are uniquely driving BIPOC young consumers to purchase?

Gen Z and Millennials are the most diverse generations to-date, with 50% of these generations identifying as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). To understand and engage with the next generations, brands need to understand BIPOC young people, and specifically what is driving their relationships with brands (and this article will tell you how).

IPUMS USA, University of Minnesota, www.ipums.org

Our most recent Representation in Action trend research details how a brand’s diversity efforts (or lack of) has a direct impact on young consumer behaviors. More than three in four BIPOC consumers consider brands’ representation of all types of people important when choosing what products to buy and which media to consume, and some of this consumer groups’ most beloved brands has a focus on diversity. Lack of diversity efforts also leads to consumer action: more than three in five BIPOC consumers have stopped buying from a brand due to lack of diversity or racist actions. With the extreme importance of representation and inclusion across all brands in mind, what else is uniquely important to BIPOC consumers of your brand? The Performance Drivers workbook in the Brand Data Platform is one of the tools Pro Business users can leverage to answer this.

Performance Drivers x BIPOC Young Consumers

The Performance Drivers workbook allows users to view the top drivers of Purchase Intent or Mindshare at the brand level for BIPOC Gen Z & Millennials—and explore whether they differ at all from their White/Non-Hispanic peers’. TL;DR, you can view which diagnostic measures are resonating with your BIPOC consumer base and most related to their intent to use/buy from you, and in which areas will good performance keep them coming back.

You can explore the full video tutorial of the Performance Drivers tool here, and we'll walk through the example of Disney+ below:

1) Go to Brand Data > Performance Drivers

2)Open the Demographic Filters and select BIPOC in the dedicated BIPOC filter

3) Choose Purchase Intent or Mindshare (read here for more info on each of these questions)

*Important note: The data used in the analysis is the past 12 months of tracking data available for your brand.

The results:

The below table shows the Top 10 Most Important diagnostics driving Purchase Intent for Disney+ between 6/1/2020 and 6/1/2021. It highlights which measures held different Importance rankings (denoted in bold) and which diagnostics were unique to either BIPOC or White/Non-Hispanic young consumers (denoted with *). The Importance Values are listed next to each measure.

BIPOC 13-39-year-olds

White/Non-Hispanic 13-39-year-olds

#1 Recommended (15%) #1 Recommended (14%)
#2 Pay Attention To (13%) #2 Pay Attention To (11%)
#3 Gets You (9%) #3 Reliable (8%)
#4 Keeps Getting Better (7%) #4 Gets You (7%)
#5 Reliable (5%) #5 *Popular* (6%)
#6 Talked About (5%) #6 Keeps Getting Better (6%)
#7 Like to Hear From (5%) #7 Talked About (6%)
#8 Cool (5%) #8 Cool (5%)
#9 *Trustworthy* (4%) #9 Like to Hear From (5%)
#10 Express Who You Are (4%) #10 Express Who You Are (5%)


While Recommended and Pay Attention prove to be consistent drivers across all consumers, Gets You and Keeps Getting Better rise in Importance for BIPOC consumers and Reliable is more key to White/Non-Hispanics. Most notably, Trustworthy is uniquely important in consideration for BIPOC consumers but not Popular, which cracks the Top 5 for White/Non-Hispanics.

Here's how you'll be able to explore the data within the workbook:



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