New Retail Industry-Specific Diagnostics

Respondents who are rating Retail brands are asked some additional questions specific to the Retail industry: Good Value, Leader, and Best Shopping Experience. Read below for the definitions for each.

The overall YScore+/YScore values for Retail brands do not include the Industry-Specific diagnostics in their calculation.

In the Pro Brand Data Platform you can track how brands perform across each of the Industry-Specific diagnostics in both the Brand Snapshot and Score Comparison views.

Note that these definitions are not shown to respondents in the survey questionnaire. If you'd like to see exactly how these questions are asked, you can access the full brand data survey here.



Which of the following represent GOOD VALUE?

Feel they are getting high quality for the price point

Which of the following is an industry LEADER?

Sets the standard for other brands in the industry

Which of the following offer the BEST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE?

Goes above and beyond in a physical and / or digital retail setting

To learn about the Industry-Specific Diagnostics asked for brands in the Fashion and Intimates industries, read here.

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