North America Expansion: Behavioral & Trend Data Dashboard Updates

As of June 1, 2021, all behavioral and trends survey data reflects the views of 13-39-year-olds in both the U.S. and Canada with our expansion across North America.

The base sizes for each country for each survey are as follows:

  • North America (N=1,450) (Population =136,269,428)

  • U.S. (N=1,300) (Population = 123,066,028)

  • Canada (N=150) (Population = 13,203,400)

Each country is balanced to be nationally representative across age and gender.

How are responses now labeled in the tables in the Data Dashboards?

Default Totals:

North America - Survey data fielded after June 1, 2021

U.S. Only - Survey data fielded before June 1, 2021


To look at all NORTH AMERICA responses (default view):

  1. Keep Crosstab by > Global Region Totals

  2. Keep Choose Country > All

To look at U.S.-ONLY responses:

  1. Keep Crosstab by > Global Region Totals

  2. Then, select Choose Country > U.S.


Comparing Year-Over-Year Data

The Global Region Totals crosstab will automatically present U.S.-only data from the previous times the question was asked. If you want to compare only U.S. to U.S. data over time, filter to U.S.-ONLY responses (instructions above).

To learn more about the updates to the Brand Data Dashboard with the expansion to North America, read North America Expansion: Brand Data Dashboard Updates.

To read the full list of North America FAQS, read here.

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