Q1 2021 Product Update Roundup


Behavioral and Trend Data

Download the results for multiple questions at once with the new Export Tool

We've had many requests to be able to download the results for multiple survey questions at once with the filters and crosstabs you can customize with the improved Behavioral and Trends dashboards. Now with the new Export Tool, you can do just that!

Pro Tip: This makes it easier to explore the survey data when you add omnibus questions to our surveys, rather than relying on the static tables.

Read this article for instructions on how to use the Export Tool.

Improved chart visualizations

Even though you can export all of the survey question results as needed, we wanted to make the charts easier to read and interpret, especially when looking at year-over-year data.

Read this article(NEED) to learn more about the new visualizations.

Brand Data

Updated order of Score Comparison View modules

We changed up the order for the Brand Comparisons and Industry Scores sections to help the overall flow of the workbook. You'll now just select your Competitive Set (highlight brands) in Brand Comparisons instead of the Brand Rankings section as you did before.

Read more here(NEED) about all of the different comparison chart types you can create with this view.

Expanded Mindshare comparison options

You can now compare any of the Mindshare marketing funnel metrics with the Score Comparison view, including those with the "Standard" and "Among Previous" (purchase funnel) base options previously only viewable with the Brand Snapshot View. TL;DR you can now view and export comparisons of the key Mindshare metrics across multiple brands and demographics at once, instead of resetting the Brand Snapshot view again and again.

Read this article (NEED) to learn how to use the Brand Comparisons tool to compare all Mindshare metrics across multiple brands and demographic groups.

View Media Consumption insights specifically for users of your brand

The Media Consumption data we're capturing from all survey respondents is even more actionable when you can analyze it for your own brand's user base. Understand the top media sources your consumer base is using, where they're being influenced, and how this usage compares to that of all young consumers with the new Brand Filters in the Media Consumption View.

Keep reading here to learn how to apply and interpret the brand filters.

"Low base size" data points below n=100 are now labelled

For any data points where the respondent base size is less than n=100 respondents, we now show a "Low base size" indicator. While scores with a base below n=100 are not considered invalid or meaningless, this was added to help make users aware of potentially smaller base sizes when creating very targeted demographic audiences and measuring performance in narrow time periods.

Read this article to understand everything you need to know about the new base indicator.


Brand Data

Added 2nd demographic Crosstab option to Brand Comparison tool

The second Crosstab Filter unlocks even more combinations of demographic groups of young consumers for comparison in a single view with the Brand Comparison tool. You're able to export the Crosstabs, too.

Read more here(NEED) about using the two Crosstab Filters to compare brand performance.

New dedicated Media Consumption View

We used to house the Media Consumption data as a single chart in the Brand Snapshot view. But because we improved the response options with specific brand platforms, we felt the resulting data needed its own workbook. The dedicated Media Consumption View allows you to explore the usage and influence of different media source groups, drill into specific platforms, filter all data by your target demographic audience, and easily analyze how this usage data is trending over time.

Built-in 'Performance Drivers' analyses to identify which diagnostics are most important in driving your brand's success

We know that a big challenge with brand tracking is in determining which areas of your brand’s perception are responsible for driving the business results you want, and which are cause for concern. Trying to move the needle across all 20 Yscore+ diagnostics is a massive undertaking and quite frankly, we don’t recommend it!

YPulse’s newest workbook was created to identify the unique set of key strengths and weaknesses for your brand, highlighting those most important in driving your brand’s Purchase Intent or Loyalty with young consumers. This view provides a data-driven approach to goal set with confidence, and lets you focus on the diagnostics that will show the most return on investment for your efforts.


Easier access to survey data and insights on BIPOC young consumers

In addition to adding BIPOC spotlight pages to our weekly Behavioral Reports, starting with the Ad/Marketing Effectiveness report released on March 17th, we added BIPOC banner points and filters to the Data Files and Data Dashboards to be able to quickly cross-tab all survey data for BIPOC young consumers, and any other demographic status groups available.

Check out this 3-minute video tutorial on how to use them.

Launch of the Pro Help Center

And we're constantly adding more support resources to help you best leverage the Pro Data (including all of the new resources linked on this page!).

Access the Pro Help Center here.

Behavioral and Trend Data

New and improved Behavioral and Tend Data Data dashboards filters and layout

Pro users have full access to a wealth of YPulse survey data including every question we’ve ever asked in our Behavioral and Trend report surveys. With the updated Survey Data dashboards, you’re able to better explore our full archive of data by using demographic filters to customize insights to the groups of young consumers that matter most to you and viewing year-over-year and quarterly results in a single chart for questions asked more than once over time to easily identify shifts and trends.

Read more about the best ways to leverage the updated dashboards or watch the complete video introduction here.

Special Crosstab tool unlocks custom audiences and insights

Dive deeper into YPulse survey data with the special crosstab feature added to the Behavioral and Trend data dashboards. It lets you create your own custom audiences using crosstabs of specific questions from the same survey wave, empowering you with even more ways to understand young consumers based on their attitudinal and behavioral responses.

Watch step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool here.

Brand Data

Updates to Media Module questions

It now isn’t just critical to understand which media source types young consumers are regularly using, and where they’re being influenced with advertising, but also to know exactly which brand platforms they’re using. In order to provide more actionable insights, we modified the two Media Module questions to include more brand-specific platform options.

Read more about which specific platforms were added the questions here.

If you have any further question about the updates and new features, or feedback for improvements you'd like to see in the future, please reach out to support@ypulse.com.




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