Q2 2021 Product Update Roundup

More Data: Data collection expanded across YPulse North America

We grew our youth intelligence to help you understand even more Gen Z & Millennial consumers by expanding our data collection from U.S.-only to Canada.

As of July, 2021, all YPulse syndicated behavioral and trends research and brand tracking will include a nationally representative sample of Canadian young consumers.

The first North America Behavioral Report is Media Consumption Monitor, released on July 7th, and the first North America Trend Report is Finding Community, released August 5th. Click here to read more about our data collection practices and other YPulse North America FAQs.

P.S. This marks our first syndicated research expansion into international markets, with more coming soon. We’re beginning our international expansion by bringing you insights and expertise on young consumers in Western Europe. Learn more about the new YPulse Pro and Prime Western Europe subscriptions coming this fall.

More Newsletters: New weekly newsletters covering young people in Western Europe, BIPOC young consumers, & Millennial parents

In June we launched THREE new newsletters to expand your understanding of three vital groups of young people with our expertly curated news sent straight to your inbox. Each of the three weekly newsletters will focus on:

Western Europe Young Consumers

Gen Z and Millennials are creating trends all over the world—and we’re expanding our coverage of young people to keep you up-to-date on all the most important news, data, and insights on these generations living in Western Europe.

BIPOC Young Consumers

Gen Z and Millennials are the most diverse generations to-date, with 50% of these generations identifying as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). To understand the next generations, brands need to understand BIPOC young people.

Millennial Parents

Millennials are now having more children than any other generation. They may have delayed parenthood, but they're quickly becoming the dominant group of parents, and understanding how they're raising their families is key for brands.

Sign up for one, or all three!

More Report Spotlights: Report pages dedicated to Millennial parents & BIPOC young consumers

Our reports have historically highlighted key differences between generation and gender and now, largely driven by client feedback, we've dedicated single pages to the key consumer groups of Millennial parents and BIPOC youth. Whether you're particularly focused on one of these groups of consumers or are simply intrigued by how similar or different their views are from the general population of 13-39-year-olds, thees spotlight pages are at your service in every Behavioral report.

BIPOC Spotlights

Fintech Report, May 2021, Page 14

Millennial Parent Spotlights

Fintech Report, May 2021, Page 15

Don't forget that all YPulse survey data, in addition to the insights included in the spotlights, can be segmented or filtered by Parent and BIPOC status with the Data Files and Pro Data dashboards.

More Video Insights: New Weekly Video Updates on key trend takeaways

In line with making our insights more accessible, we're added regular video to our product offering. Check in weekly to view the new Video Update of the week, which will dive into the recent Trend, Behavioral, or Special reports to help illustrate key takeaways and why they matter to you.


Check out Financial Tech, Representation in Action, or Travel Post-COVID to get started with your YPusle Video Update guide, Anastasia!

These are located in the Videos tab on the ypulse.com.

More Brand Tracker Industries: Sports & Leagues and Retail

By launching new industry modules in the brand tracker survey we're giving you more accuracy, more tracked brands, and more industry scores to benchmark against!

Sports & Leagues

Launched May 3, 2021, the dedicated Sports & Leagues industry module allows you to track the perceptions of 32 of the world's top Sports & Leagues brands, including men's and women's U.S. and international sports and eSports leagues. All survey respondents rating a Sports & Leagues brand will only be asked to rate other Sports & Leagues brands at the same time.

The Top YScore+ performers so far include #1 NBA, #4 UEFA Champions League, #8 Major League Gaming, and #9 Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC).

Be sure you've read our Scouting Next Gen Sports Fans report before jumping into the data!


Launched April 5, 2021, the dedicated Retail industry allows you to understand the performance of companies that sell a variety of items, across industries, and from a variety of brands. The Top performers by Loyalty so far include Amazon at #1, Target at #3, The Home Depot at #7, and Sephora at #10.

Retail Industry brands are also rated with the special diagnostic questions of Good Value, Leader, and Shopping Experience. You can read more about the definitions for those diagnostics here.


Quick recap of Q1 Product Update key highlights:

After reading everything we completed in Q2 2021, are you curious about what we rolled out last quarter? Here are some highlights..

We placed heavy investment into improving the Pro Data Dashboard with new features and updates. Starting with the Behavioral and Trend Data, we created a new Export Tool to download the results for multiple questions at once from the survey data dashboards to accompany the overhaul improvements to the Behavioral and Tend Data Data dashboards filters and layout (NEED). The coolest new feature in there was the Special Crosstab tool that unlocks custom audiences and insights from the survey data.

As for the Brand Data, we set it up so that you can view the Media Consumption insights specifically for users of your brand (with a dedicated dashboard view for it now) and easier access to survey data and insights on BIPOC young consumers (which is available for the survey data dashboards, too). Lastly, everyone should be using the new built-in 'Performance Drivers' analyses to identify which diagnostics are most important in driving your brand's success.

You can read the full Q1 2021 Product Update Roundup here.

Questions or feedback? Please reach out to support@ypulse.com.



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