Q3 2021 Product Update Roundup

YPulse is in Western Europe! We're not only now fielding daily surveys with 13-39-year-olds in the U.K., Germany, Italy, France, & Spain, but our new team in Berlin is on the ground and growing. This massive undertaking dominated our product release efforts this quarter (although an undertaking a full year in the making!), and we're incredibly excited to help our clients meaningfully engage with even more young consumers. Feel free to read the formal press release about our expansion here.

Keep reading for more info and support resources surrounding the new Western Europe Pro and Prime subscriptions, and then a summary of key resources related to the data collection expansion to Canada that started in June for all business subscribers.

Lastly, we recorded a few more updates to the data dashboards and provided recaps and quick links to the new features and updates from the first half of 2021.

New Product Offering: YPulse Western Europe

Subscribers to YPulse Western Europe now have access to the same easy-to-read and insightful, articles, reports, and data on this new region of young consumers across five countries: U.K., Germany, Italy, France, & Spain. The report topics and survey questions primarily follow those fielded for YPulse North America (view the updated Report Calendar here), expertly translated and made relatable to reflect young consumers’ lives in the other countries

What's more? YPulse Western Europe subscribers get to access both Regions of data all within the same YPulse instance. No need to navigate, or learn, a separate platform!

YPulse business users who have already purchased the Western Europe offering have access to:

WE Insight Articles

Stay up to date on youth in this region with the latest news and highlights from our exclusive research with them.

52 WE Behavioral Reports

Reports primarily follow the topics and survey questions fielded for North America (NA). The two spotlight pages at the end of every report are dedicated to Millennial Parents and country-to-country comparisons.

12 WE Trend Reports

The WE Trend Reports available so far are Future of Experience and Clicking Community.

Data Files and Dashboard access for all Western Europe survey data

Because the survey topics and questions between Regions and Countries are primarily the same, the dashboards allow you to analyze any differences across groups.

Brand Tracking of 600+ brands with young consumers in North America and Western Europe

We replicated our meticulously developed youth focused brand performance survey to gauge international perspectives on the world’s leading brands. The brand lists are specific to each country, and all data can be segmented by country or explored together.

Video: Western Europe Pro Data Region & Country Settings

Watch this 3-min video that shows how Western Europe Pro users can easily analyze region-to-region and country-to-country comparisons across all survey data with the Pro Data dashboards.


Curious about some of the top performing brands in Western Europe so far?

Here's the Top 5 Brands by YScore+:

There is also a free weekly Western Europe Insights Newsletter! Anyone can sign up at this link here.

Or to learn even more...Set a Demo to Learn More about YPulse Western Europe

Key Support Resources for International Expansion (NA and WE)

As we've expanded our standard YPulse Prime and Pro offerings to be reflective of consumers in North America as of July 1, and added new offerings for Western Europe Prime and Pro as of September 1, 2021, these resources recap how the platform has changed and how to navigate it.


FAQ and Support Articles:

Other Updates to the Data Dashboards

In addition to the new Region and Country filters and crosstabs added to the dashboards to facilitate exploring the survey data across 7 countries (U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Italy, France, and Spain), we tweaked a few things to continue improving the dashboard experience.

  • Adjusted Time Period Default

To support faster dashboard loading times, we adjusted the default time period in all dashboard views to the past 12 months. Interested in analyzing a different time period on a regular basis? You can save your time period settings with the Custom Views feature.

  • Updated Urbanicity Demographic Questions & Filters

Previously we provided banner points and filters for City and Non-City based on respondents' reported zip codes in the demographic section of every survey. Now, we ask respondents to indicate which location describes them best: Big City, Small City, or Rural.

  • New Time for Weekly Brand Tracker Data Refreshes

New brand data ratings, for brands in both the North America and Western Europe surveys, will now be available for access by start of business on Tuesday mornings.

2021 Recap

Already forget what we updated in H1? Here are some highlights to remind you and directions to more helpful support tools:

Q2 2021:

More Newsletters: We published three new ones on BIPOC young consumers, Millennial Parents, and youth in Western Europe. Sign up for any or all of them here.

More Brand Tracker Industries: We launched Sports & Leagues, covering both men's and women's U.S. and international sports and eSports leagues, and Retail, covering companies that sell a variety of items, across industries, and from a variety of brands. Brands in the Retail Industry are also rated on three industry-specific diagnostics: Good Value, Leader, and Best Shopping Experience.

More Report Spotlights: We added report pages each dedicated to Millennial parents and BIPOC young consumers in every Behavioral report.

More Video Insights: Our new weekly Video Updates dive into the current Trend, Behavioral, or Special reports to quickly illustrate key takeaways and why they matter to you. Watch the most recent one here.

Check out the full Q2 2021 Product Update Roundup to learn more.

Q1 2021:

We started 2020 with heavy investment into new features and updates focused on improving the Pro Data Dashboard.

Behavioral & Trend Data Dashboards

New Export Tool for downloading the results for multiple survey questions at once

Unlock custom audiences and insights with the special Crosstab tool

Brand Data Dashboards

Analyze Media Consumption insights specifically for users of your brand (with a dedicated dashboard view for it now)

Banner points, crosstabs, and filters for BIPOC young consumers (which is available for the survey data dashboards, too).

Built-in 'Performance Drivers' analyses to identify which diagnostics are most important in driving your brand's success (everyone should be using this!)

Check out the full Q1 2021 Product Update Roundup for more support articles and videos.

Have any requests for the Pro Data or research topics? We're always happy to hear them.

Submit a request!

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