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On May 3, 2021 we launched a dedicated Sports & Leagues industry module to the brand tracker survey. This means you can now track the perceptions of 32 of the world's top Sports & Leagues brands, including men's and women's U.S. and international sports and eSports leagues. All survey respondents rating a Sports & Leagues brand will only be asked to rate other Sports & Leagues brands at the same time.

The Top YScore+ performers so far include #1 NBA, #4 UEFA Champions League, #8 Major League Gaming, and #9 Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC). (UPDATE DATE)

Note: We've been tracking many Sports & Leagues brands in the Media, Tech, & Entertainment Industry module before the launch of the dedicated Industry. Brands like the NBA, NFL, MLB, and more have historical data and that data is presented separately from the new Sports & Leagues performance scores to uphold trending accuracy. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to

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You can view the list of Sports & Leagues brands, and all brands tracked, in the Overview page of the Brand Data dashboard.

Sports & Leagues brands can be segmented by the Categories of eSports, Sports, and Women's Sports.


Below is the Sports & Leagues brand list as of 6/28/2021:



XFL Sports
World Boxing Association Sports
Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) Women's Sports
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Sports
UEFA Champions League Sports
Serie A Sports
Professional Golf Association (PGA) Sports
Premier League Sports
Premier Lacrosse League Sports
Overwatch League eSports
North American Rugby League (NARL) Sports
National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) Women's Sports
National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) Women's Sports
National Pro Fastpitch Sports
National Lacrosse League Sports
National Hockey League (NHL) Sports
National Football League (NFL) Sports
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Sports
National Basketball Association (NBA) Sports
NBA 2K League eSports
Major League Soccer (MLS) Sports
Major League Rugby Sports
Major League Gaming eSports
Major League Baseball (MLB) Sports
League Of Legends Championship Series eSports
Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Women's Sports
LaLiga Sports
FIFAe World Cup eSports
FIFA Sports
Electronic Sports League eSports
Australian Football League (AFL) Sports


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