Saving your regular brand and filter settings with Custom Views

(skip to minute 1:50 to view instructions for saving a custom view)

Custom Views allow you to save different combinations of frequently used brand, demographic, and data filters for easy and repeated access. These are especially helpful in saving your competitive set comparisons or other brands of interest that you’re regularly keeping an eye on, since those take a few more steps for set up.

A single Custom View can consist of 1) settings for a only one dashboard view, like the Brand and date range in the Brand Snapshot View, or 2) settings for several dashboard views, such as saving your custom demographic audience across both the Score Comparison View and Brand Alignment View.

Here are quick instructions, or watch the video above: 

1) Apply any brands, filters, and settings that you want to save

2) Click into View: Original at the top of the screen

3) Type in the name of your view, and click 'Save'

If you want to make edits to a custom view, 

4) Adjust your settings

5) Click back into View: Original (or whatever the name is showing for the view you're on) 

6) Type in the exact name of your view (do not select it from the list of options below) 

7) Click 'Save.' This will apply your changes to the custom view.

If you want to add saved settings from a different dashboard view into the same custom view (i.e. add settings for the Performance Drivers View), 

8) Apply your settings

9) Follow steps 5-7 above!

All of your saved Custom Views will live in a list (below) and you can choose one to be your default view every time you login to the platform.

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