Video: Survey Data Dashboard Cross-Tab Feature

You can set up cross-tabs in the YPulse survey data by demographic categories throughout all of the Pro Data dashboards. However, this special cross-tabulation feature, only available in the Behavioral and Trend data dashboards, is different. It allows you to set up cross-tabs by respondents answers to a specific question in the same survey wave. Learn more about an audience of consumers that you define yourself, based on what information is most interesting to you or what questions you’re trying to answer.

There are two key use cases for this tool:

  • Cross-tab any of the question results behind a report topic with a custom audience defined by how respondents answered another question in the same survey wave

  • Create custom cross-tabs with your paid proprietary omnibus questions. (those questions will only show up as options in the dashboards of your business account's users)

Here is how to set up a custom cross-tab in 5 easy steps:

  1. Find the first question within a report you want to start with, and click into the question. For example, “How you find out about new music artists or songs?”

  2. Then, click into Choose Question to see your options for cross-tabbing. For example, “Which of the following music streaming platforms is your favorite?” If you’re looking for your omnibus questions, they will be here.

  3. Select your response option in the Choose Option field. If the question is multi-select, you will have to select one option. If the question is single-select, it only requires you to click into the field (don't skip this step!).

  4. Then, scroll down to Cross-tab By, and select Custom Question at the very bottom of the list of options.

  5. Click “Apply”

You’ll see the chart now has cross-tabs for each of the music streaming platforms that were options in the question “which music streaming platform is your favorite?”

Note: You can still set overall demographic filters to apply to the custom cross-tabs.


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