Looking for data on BIPOC young consumers?

YPulse Pro users have been asking how to explore our data and insights through the lens of specific demographic groups of young consumers, and particularly Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) young consumers.

In addition to our new BIPOC spotlight pages we’ve added to our weekly Behavioral Reports, starting with the Ad/Marketing Effectiveness report released on March 17th, we provide Pro users complete data access in order to cross-tab all survey data for BIPOC consumers, and any other demographic status groups available.

Data access options include:

1) Standard banner points in the 'Data Files' available on every report page

2) Filters in the interactive Brand, Behavioral, and Trend Data Dashboards


The new BIPOC banner point includes all Black Indigenous People of Color respondents, so those matching any of the demographic status categories of Hispanic, Black, Asian, or Other. The other banner point available is White/Non-Hispanic.

Note that our survey sample is nationally representative, reaching quotas across age, gender, race, ethnicity, and region.

Each data file includes the BIPOC banner point for all 13-39-year-olds. Note that the specific BIPOC banner point was added to Data Files for reports starting in January of 2021.

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