YScore+ Diagnostics Definitions

YScore+ is an average of the 20 diagnostic measures YPulse is tracking that help to drive young consumers' affinity for a brand, and their intent to purchase from them. You'll see these individual diagnostic scores throughout the Brand Data workbooks - but each has a deeper meaning behind the score label. Below are the definitions for each of the 20 YScore+ diagnostics, based on YPulse's research findings for how young consumers understand and interpret each measure.

If you're interested in the Industry-Specific diagnostic questions asked only of brands in the Fashion and Intimates industry modules, you can view those here.

In the Pro Brand Data Platform you can track how brands perform with scores for each of the 20 diagnostics, each of the 5 dimensions of Personality, Relevance, Influence, Momentum, & CSR, and the overall YScore+. YScore+ is the average of each of the 5 dimensions, same as the average of each of the 20 diagnostics.

Note that these definitions are not shown to respondents in the survey questionnaire. If you'd like to see exactly how these question are asked in the survey, you can access it here.

**Indicates measures added to the survey on March 23, 2020


Which of the following are INNOVATIVE?

Willingness to experiment with the brand via new products / marketing

Which of the following are TRUE TO THEMSELVES?

The brand is authentic and knows who it is

Which of the following are TRUSTWORTHY?

A brand they can rely on to provide what they need and operate in an honest way

Which of the following are RELIABLE?**

Is a brand they know they can count on and has consistent quality



Which of the following helps you EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE?

Values alignment and freedom to remix the brand to fit their own lifestyle

Which of the following are POPULAR among you and your friends?

A brand that many other people are buying, especially others their age

Which of the following are COOL?

A trendsetting brand they would be proud to wear in front of others

Which of the following GET YOU?**

A brand that seems to understand their needs, and their world view



Which of the following have you HEARD SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT in the past 6 months?

Positive impressions of the brand from others they know and in the media / press

Which of the following would you LIKE TO HEAR FROM MORE OFTEN?

Communications are exciting and coveted

Which of the following do you PAY ATTENTION TO?

Capture interest in what the brand is doing and promoting

Which of the following have you previously RECOMMENDED to others?

Word of mouth endorsements from people they know who have bought the brand



Which of the following have you TALKED ABOUT MORE OFTEN in the past 6 months?

A brand that’s brought up in conversation among people they know

Which of the following have a BRIGHT FUTURE?

A brand they believe will be a big success in the future, or continue to have success

Which of the following are HOT RIGHT NOW?

Trending right now among their friends, online, and in the media

Which of the following KEEP GETTING BETTER?**

Continuously improves their products / offerings – is always releasing something new and better


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Which of the following REFLECT DIVERSITY?

Promoting and designing for all races, ethnicities, ages & sizes


Takes a stand on issues that align with the brand and its consumers

Which of the following MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE?**

Has a positive impact on the state of the world or their own lives

Which of the following are ECO-FRIENDLY?**

Makes an effort to minimize negative environmental impacts, minimizes waste, uses green practices, etc.

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