YScore+ Diagnostics Definitions

YScore+ is an average of the 20 diagnostic measures YPulse is tracking that drive young consumers' affinity for brands, and their intent to purchase from them. You'll see these individual diagnostic scores throughout the Brand Tracker dashboards - but each has a deeper meaning behind the score label. Below are the definitions for each of the 20 YScore+ diagnostics, based on YPulse's updated research findings in 2022 for how young consumers understand and interpret each measure.

If you're interested in the Industry-Specific diagnostic questions asked only of brands in the Fashion, Intimates, Alc Bev, and Retail industry modules, you can view those here.

Using the Brand Tracker dashboards you can explore how brands perform across each of the 20 diagnostics as well as the overall YScore+. YScore+ is the equally weighted average of the 20 diagnostics scores.

Important note: These definitions are not shown to respondents in the survey questionnaire. If you'd like to see exactly how these question are asked in the survey, you can access it here.

**Indicates measures added to the survey on March 23, 2020


Which of the following are INNOVATIVE?

A brand that improves on what came before it and is willing to try new things

Which of the following are TRUE TO THEMSELVES?

A brand that is honest and transparent about its practices

Which of the following are TRUSTWORTHY?

A brand that is open and honest about the development, creation, and selling of their products and services

Which of the following are RELIABLE?**

A brand that has consistent prices and quality, and is trusted to get the job done



Which of the following helps you EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE?

A brand that helps me be my authentic, true self

Which of the following are POPULAR among you and your friends?

A brand that is known among many: whether they love, buy / use, or just know it

Which of the following are COOL?

A brand that is unique and stands out from their competitors

Which of the following GET YOU?**

A brand that has products / services that represent my lifestyle & fit into my budget



Which of the following have you HEARD SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT in the past 6 months?

Hearing positive information about brands that give them value, impress them with offerings, or are inclusive from friends and family

Which of the following would you LIKE TO HEAR FROM MORE OFTEN?

Brands that reach them on social media to share innovations, and product information

Which of the following do you PAY ATTENTION TO?

 A brand that I buy / use

Which of the following have you previously RECOMMENDED to others?

Brands recommended to friends, family, and social media feeds that provide value and impress them with unique offerings



Which of the following have you TALKED ABOUT MORE OFTEN in the past 6 months?

About Talking about brands’ prices, products, and values with their social circles

Which of the following have a BRIGHT FUTURE?

A brand that is successful and will continue to be successful

Which of the following are HOT RIGHT NOW?

A brand that is suddenly interesting and recommended by many, and is trending on social media

Which of the following KEEP GETTING BETTER?**

A brand that continuously improves their products and services to adapt to their customers needs and changes in the world


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Which of the following REFLECT DIVERSITY?

A brand that creates products and services for a wide range of diverse consumers


A brand that has a reputation for giving back to a social cause, either directly or indirectly

Which of the following MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE?**

A brand that helps make a positive impact on issues affecting everyone

Which of the following are ECO-FRIENDLY?**

A brand that creates eco-friendly products and packaging & makes an effort to minimize environmental impact

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